My Veganuary Experience…

Right now, I can’t imagine it’s humanly possible to exist without eating cheese. Meat – I can live without. Let’s face it, Quorn nuggets are chicken nuggets in disguise. Whereas vegan cheese on the other hand… it does not taste like cheese!

In my day to day life, I don’t eat a lot of meat (I eat it for convinience when I’m being cooked for), I drink soy milk and have soy yoghurts etc, so my main cutback would be cheese to have a Vegan diet. I cut out milk when I realised how badly it broke me out and then I realised how nice the Alpro yoghurts were so stuck with them too.

My reasoning for trying this Vegan craze was to try and find a solution for the health problems I’ve recently been facing. To cut a long list short, I get a bad headache most days and feel exhausted, suffer from IBS, feel bloated constantly, and most recently of all, have been breaking out with a rash on my skin. My fingers have had itchy bumps on them, along with my forehead, cheeks, jawline and back. It looked as if I had an allergic reaction, but I don’t have any known allergies and have no idea what could be the cause.

So on Sunday 20th January, I went out for my weekly shop with a list of vegan meals I was making for the week… let’s see how it goes!


BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt pot with a pack of pomegranate seeds

LUNCH: Smashed avacado, quinoa mixed with Hellman’s Vegan mayo, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks.

SNACKS: Grapes, Tesco’s Free From Rocky Road Bites (definitely ate about 5…)

DINNER: Kale and basil pesto pasta with nutritional yeast (replacing the Parmesan I would usually have)

Today’s the first day of the week and back to work, so I can’t say I’m feeling 100%… because who does on a Monday? Although, I’ve had no bloating, stomach pain or headaches. To be honest, other than feeling tired, I actually feel pretty ok. And to my utter surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and didn’t miss cheese!!


BREAKFAST: Didn’t have time ūüė¶

LUNCH: Yesterday’s kale and basil pesto pasta

SNACKS: Pomegranate seeds

DINNER: Chickpea tikka masala (from the Happy Pear Cookbook)

DESSERT: Aquafaba chocolate mousse (from the BOSH cookbook)

So last night I went to the dentist and had my Invisalign fitted, which means I have the struggle of taking it out when I need to eat. Turns out, this is a great diet trick, as I only take it out now for mealtimes and brushing, so it’s stopped my bad snacking habits! I’m never bothered about having meat in a curry, so I loved this chickpea one from the Happy Pear cookbook – hands down one of the best curries I’ve had in a while. The chocolate mousse was a spontaneous idea as I had the aquafaba (chickpea water) left over from the curry so decided to get creative – it’s amazing to watch the liquid turn into a mousse, plus it’s so easy and tastes good.


BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt pot with a pack of pomegranate seeds

LUNCH: Last night’s leftover chickpea curry

SNACKS: Grapes

DINNER: Cauliflower steak with haricot beans and spinach

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by my One Pound Meals Fast and Fresh cookbook, I just tweaked it to be vegan. The sauce was soy cream with paprika, salt and garlic and it was delicious! The vegan meals I have been trying have been so nice that I haven’t been missing dairy or meat. Plus, I’m still feeling ok with no stomach pains or headaches.


BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt pot with a pack of pomegranate seeds

LUNCH: Wicked Kitchen Bubble and Squeak Greens Sandwich (Tesco)

SNACKS: Pack of Hula Hoops Puft Ready Salted, Free From Rocky Road Bite

Dinner: Wicked Kitchen Spicy Mushroom & Veg Sourdough Pizza (Tesco)

Today was the hardest so far to stick to being vegan. Lunch and dinner were both amazing, but it wasn’t until after dinner when I went shopping with my family who tucked into a McDonalds first… I sat there eating nothing and all I wanted was a milkshake. It was so tempting and hard not to just go up and get one, but I’m proud of myself for not caving in like I normally would!


BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt pot with a pack of pomegranate seeds (sorry I’m boring and have the same thing every day!!)

LUNCH: Hula Hoops Puft Ready Salted

DINNER: Homemade leek and potato soup

I haven’t really had time for full lunches at work as I’ve been quite busy, so I was starved by the time I got home. I chucked together this leek and potato soup but added in some cauliflower and onions to use up some leftovers. It was so quick and easy to do – the family all enjoyed it.


BRUNCH: Vegan pancakes

DINNER: Chip shop chips

First time making pancakes without eggs! So weird. I liked these but the only thing was, you had to use apple cider vinegar in them, and I could still taste it once they were cooked. They also gave me a painful tummy too!! I went to my aunts for a takeaway and we all had fish and chips, except I just had chips. I also missed out on the variety of yummy desserts as they all weren’t vegan ūüė¶


BREAKFAST: Toasted pitta bread with dairy free butter

LUNCH: Jacket potato with non dairy butter (I hate myself) and picky bits

SNACKS: Homemade vegan chocolate cake

Can we just look at this pretty picture of the cake I made and brush past the fact I ate dairy today? Today really proved to me how hard it must be to be vegan all the time. I went to a family party and there was nothing really vegan I could eat. I had a jacket potato but the only butter was dairy so I had some of that… I may have also eaten a mozzarella stick. I didn’t eat any birthday cake though and stuck to my vegan chocolate cake as I felt crap that I hadn’t stuck to being vegan today. The vegan cake ended up being gluten free too as I ran out of normal flour! Turned out really good though.


BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt pot with a pack of pomegranate seeds

LUNCH: Hula Hoops Puft Salt and Vinegar

DINNER: Frankies & Bennys BBQ Vegan Pizza

I started eating my vegan pizza today and realised I hadn’t taken a picture (2019 problems). So excuse the weird way I cut into my pizza. But can we just appreciate how good the Frankies and Bennys Vegan menu is?! I felt like I still had so many vegan options to choose from, but I couldn’t say no to this pizza. The ‘chicken’ pieces were nicer than actual chicken and the cheese tasted good too! 10/10 from me ūüôā


BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt pot with a pack of pomegranate seeds

LUNCH: Leftover leek and potato soup

SNACKS: Skinny salted popcorn

DINNER: Mac n cheese (BBC Good Food Vegan Recipe)

Mac n cheese is one of my favourite dinners to cook and I was so excited to try this vegan version I found on the BBC good food website (although it did take waaaay longer than it said it would). The sauce was really nice, although it did need a lot of soy milk added to make it a good creamy consistency. Sadly, my vegan cheese did not want to melt after 25 minutes in the oven…

DAY 10

BREAKFAST: Alpro yoghurt with chopped up apples and pears

LUNCH: Co-op Falafel and Hummus Wrap

SNACKS: Co-op Free From chocolate buttons, pomegranate seeds

DINNER: Quinoa with veg and vegan mayo


The final few days were such a busy blur that I didn’t get time to write down what I was eating etc, but I still stuck to the vegan diet and didn’t cave in to anything! Overall, I enjoyed trying out a vegan way of life, and realised cheese can be gone without for a bit! The best surprise for me was how much my family loved the vegan meals and now they’re even preferring the meat free options! I’m now really looking forward to cooking more vegan food for my family going forward…

Brand favourites: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 

Bobbi Brown is 100% one of my all time favourite brands. The makeup is timeless and there is something for everyone; unfortunately there is way too much for me and I can’t stop buying more! These are some of my favourite picks that I definitely recommend you try.

Vitamin Enriched Face Base £44

If you want – A hydrating oil controlling moisturiser/primer

This moisturiser gives a beautiful base for makeup and has such a fresh smell. It’s perfect if you want a silky smooth base without making you shiny. Definitely my favourite day cream.

Extra Eye Repair Cream £48

If you want – Plump and hydrated under eyes


This eye cream is amazing for my dry under eyes, without it I have so many fine lines and texture. I love to use it before I apply my corrector and concealer to give a smooth plump base. It is also anti aging and collagen boosting so perfect if these are concerns of yours.

Buffing Grains £33

If you want – Personalised exfoliation

These are amazing to mix in to your cleanser for a customised exfoliator. I can never find an exfoliator that buffs my skin enough, so I like to use a lot of these to give me a really smooth finish. They leave you with skin like a baby!

Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm £45

If you want – A radiant glow on the skin

This moisture balm is great if you want luminous glowing skin that is plump and moisturised. I love to use this underneath a foundation for a real glowy finish.

Extra Lip Tint £25.50

If you want – A hydrating tint of colour on the lips

I love this lip balm. It is so nourishing and brings out the natural pink in your lips. I love it for days when I don’t feel like wearing a lipstick (but still want a nice colour to them) and to really give my lips some nourishment.

Corrector £19.50

If you want РEven and bright under eyes 

If you don’t use a corrector, you need to go and get one ASAP. This is one makeup product I couldn’t live without! Concealer is never bright and flawless without eradicating the colour from your under eyes first, which eliminates the shadows you may find still show through your concealer.

Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser £32

If you want – A fresh and natural base

If you don’t want a full face of foundation everyday, this tinted moisturiser is the trick to perfect skin. It’s lightweight and glowy and makes your skin look fresh and hydrated.

Skin Weightless Powder Foundation £36.50

If you want – A buildable foundation powder

This is one of my favourite foundation powders as it’s so versatile. I like to use it to set my foundation to give flawless coverage, but also to use on its own on a day where I want a break from foundation.

Highlighting Powder РPink Glow £36

If you want – a radiant blush tone glow

I love wearing this highlight on top of my blush to give a gorgeous glow to my cheeks. This colour suits my fair skin tone, yet whenever I fake tan I switch to the Bronze Glow highlighter!

Perfectly Defined Longwear Brow Pencil £30

If you want – Effortless brow definition

With this brow pencil, there are no accidental harsh lines or caterpillar brows – you can start soft and build your way up. I also love the spoolie, it’s soft and makes it easy to create blended brows.

Longwear Cream Shadow Stick ‘Golden Bronze’ ¬£23.50

If you want – The easiest smokey eye with maximum effect

These cream shadow sticks are a staple product in my makeup kit – they have a built in primer so all you need is this one product to create a five minute smokey eye. My favourite colour is ‘Golden Bronze’ as it’s perfect for a night out and looks stunning with one of the sparkle shadows on top. Click HERE to watch my YouTube tutorial using this cream shadow.

Sparkle Eyeshadow ‘Sunlight’ ¬£25

If you want – Fallout free sparkle

If you want glitter without the mess, these are for you. These are best used when applying with your finger – just pop it on top of your eye makeup look to finish it off with some sparkle! There are a great variety of colours too.

Longwear Gel Eyeliner ‘Black Ink’ ¬£19.50

If you want – Long lasting pigmentation

This is the ultimate waterline liner! You have to use an eyeliner brush with this, but it is the only eyeliner I’ve used that stays perfect in my waterline all day. I also use it to do winged liner as it has such good pigment to it.

Longwear Liquid Liner ‘Baltic Blue Sparkle’ ¬£24.50

If you want – A hint of glam to your liner

These sparkle eyeliners are almost like when you add that final bit of jewellery to complete your outfit. Without being too over the top, the sparkle eyeliner adds that perfect glam finish.

Smokey Eye Mascara £25

If you want – A mascara that does it all

One of my all time favourite mascaras – it does everything… curls, lengthens, defines, doesn’t print onto your skin etc. Definitely worth a try!

Lip Color ‘Sandwash Pink’ ¬£24.50

If you want – A perfect pink nude

If you’re planning on doing your own wedding makeup, this is definitely a colour to try out. I love this nude for everyday but it looks stunning on a bride!

Art Stick ‘Bare’ ¬£22.50

If you want – The perfect handbag lipstick

What I like about this lipstick (other than the perfect nude shade) is that you don’t need a lip liner. It’s a lipstick and lip liner in one, so it’s perfect to keep in your handbag for when you’re out and about. It also comes with the big sharpener so you don’t have to worry about hunting one down! If you have more of a tanned skin tone, Rose Brown is a stunning nude tone too.

Full Coverage Touch Up Brush £26.50

If you want – Easy concealer application

If you like using a brush for your concealer, this one is great to blend it out quickly and avoid creasing. Using this alongside the Full Coverage Foundation Brush creates such a flawless base!

Let me know what you think of these products, or any others you’d recommend!

Affordable Beauty Faves ūüėć

I haven’t done a favourites post in a while, and I wanted to make this one a bit different and more budget friendly!

I’ve been desperately trying to save money at the moment so I’ve been on the hunt for more affordable products and I have been so pleasantly surprised – some of these are even better than the high end brands!

The Ordinary: Natural Moisurising Factors + HA

I am in love with this moisturiser – it’s not too heavy but leaves a nice hydrated finish on the skin. I have combination/oily skin and this doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and my makeup stays on perfectly over this. The only downfall was that it only came in the small 30ml size so I was going through them so quickly, but there is now a 100ml version which has lasted ages!

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment

This treatment is incredible for clearing up problem skin. After less than a week of using this on my problem area (jawline), the texture had completely reduced and there were less breakouts. I would reccomend this to anyone who struggles with breakouts.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation (Combination/Oily)

This foundation has become my holy grail – it stays on all day and has medium to full coverage. I have tried a ridiculous amount of foundations that claim to last all day, but this is one of the few that actually lives up to those claims. Best part – it’s only ¬£12.99!

Nyx Angel Veil Primer

This primer is the best for oily skin – I use it in my kit all the time for clients who suffer with a shiny complexion throughout the day. The only issue is I found after a while it dried out my skin a little, so now I use it more for one off occasions when I know I need my makeup to stay put for a long time.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

I’ve been a huge Tarte shape tape fan for a while now – until I tried this! Hugely affordable at ¬£4 and gives Tarte a run for their money. It blends so effortlessly and gives great coverage.

RCMA No Colour Powder

I tried this after seeing it being used on YouTube tutorials and it’s become my go to setting powder. I prefer it to the Laura Mercier Powder I used to use to bake and the product lasts for ages! Side note: I do fill my empty Laura Mercier pot up with this powder as I like pouring the powder into the lid when I use it.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour and Highlight Palette

When I ran out of my beloved Hoola bronzer, I had to quickly run out and find something that would make do for the time being. Since using this instead, I’ve actually grown to like it and use it on a daily basis. I’m not a huge fan of the highlighter as it’s very faint, but it’s still worth buying just for the bronzer.

Next Summer Sun Perfume

Est√©e Lauder Bronze Goddess dupe… enough said!

My current everyday makeup routine 

Since going to Florida in April, I purchased so many new makeup products to try out (definitely went a little crazy in Sephora) and so many of them have become my everyday favourite products – this is my current everyday routine! 

Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturiser £27

I love using this as my base before I apply my primer, it gives a stunning ‘glow from within’ look and looks amazing under foundation or on the high points of your face on a ‘no makeup’ kind of day. 

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ¬£55

This primer is fairly pricey but it’s one of the best for preventing me getting a greasy face half way through the day. It’s nice and weightless on the skin too and doesn’t make your face feel too matte. 

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer £23

Ive been using this for spot concealing at the moment and used it a lot on holiday when I didn’t want to wear makeup but wanted the illusion of flawless skin (which unfortunately doesn’t come naturally for me!). It’s pretty lightweight in consistency and blends well, the only problem I have is it sometimes clings to dryness. 

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation £33.50

This foundation applies so amazingly I can’t get enough of it! It’s a nice amount of coverage but it feels so thin, and always leaves a smooth finish. The only problem is I do get a bit oily at the end of the day with this on and it sometimes breaks apart on my nose, but it looks so perfect for the beginning of the day that I can’t help but wear it!

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer £19

The hype around this product is definitely real. This is the most full coverage concealer without feeling cakey, and it barely creases on me. I would normally always colour correct my under eyes aswell as a concealer but now I only use this on its own and love the way it looks. This is hands down the best concealer I’ve ever used in my life! 

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ¬£29 

This is another product that’s definitely worth the hype, I’ve been using it for years and haven’t found anything better yet. I use it to bake my undereyes and set my foundation and it does the job perfectly! 

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer £11.60

I saw this in a YouTube video and decided I’d buy it when I saw it in Target. When you swatch it, it actually does feel like butter. It’s so lovely and smooth and has a lovely holiday smell to it! It’s replaced one of my old staple products, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer (never thought the day would come!). 

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso ¬£10 

Here’s another product I bought because of the hype on YouTube. Originally I didn’t buy it because I didn’t see what the fuss was about, it looked like a million other blushes I already had. But when I eventually caved in and bought it, I have been hooked ever since. It’s so pigmented that you only need the smallest amount, and the longevity is insane. It lasts all day and still looks perfect, much better than my NARS Orgasm blush or any of my Benefit/Mac blushers. Definitely worth purchasing! 

Becca Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop ¬£32 

This highlighter literally looks like the sun beaming off your face, it’s the most intense highlighter I own and I could never live without it now (I’ve even got my Mum hooked!). It’s a beautiful golden champagne colour that you can customise to wear from day to night. I have about 100 highlighters that I love, but this is definitely my number 1. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ¬£15 

Another product I’ve used for years – it glides on so nicely and stays put all day. My last one lasted me about 2 years before drying out (don’t judge how long I had it for, gross I know). It definitely takes some getting used to if you haven’t used a pomade before but it’s great for creating a nice gradient brow (or scouse brow if you’re into that…). 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel ¬£16.50 

This brow gel is like gorilla glue for your brows without feeling crunchy or stiff. I’ve been using the Benefit Gimme Brow for years but I wasn’t crazy for it which is why I switched to this. It’s by far the best brow gel I’ve used, I’m now just hoping it lasts me a long time like the ABH pomade does. 

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly ¬£16 

Best eye primer ever. My eyeshadow doesn’t crease all day when I wear this, it’s the only primer I will ever use on my eyes (unless they bring out something better!). 

Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette in Natural Love £52

When I saw this palette being used on YouTube I thought it would be one that I wouldn’t end up purchasing as it didn’t look anything amazing. But when I saw it in person in Sephora I was instantly sold! The colours are so pretty and wearable and there are some beautiful sparkly colours. This is a lovely versatile palette and I will definitely be using it on some of my bridals this summer. 

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara £2.80

This mascara is amazing, definitely the best I’ve used. I was using the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara (¬£23) for ages and when I tried this it was better and the price is under ¬£3!  You can start it off lovely and soft and build it for a dramatic lash that doesn’t go clumpy. 100% one of my favourite purchases this year. 

And finally… 

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Contempo ¬£3.80 

I ordered this from Colourpop online when I was in the States and stocked up on loads of colours of these. I love the smell and the size of the lipstick, they’re so nice to apply. They last all day and for the price they’re amazing! This colour isn’t available in the UK at the moment but I normally do all my colourpop orders on GlamMua

Flawless makeup for oily skin 

My skin is definitely on the oily side, so I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect makeup for me. This is my go to makeup to keep your skin flawless and not needing a touch up all day. 


Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish Primer – ¬£28 

This primer leaves the skin feeling super silky but also mattifies for the whole day. A little bit goes a long way too.  


Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation ¬£29 

This foundation has been my favourite for years. The coverage is perfect without looking cakey; I always use a beauty blender to achieve this. Although it’s hydrating, it’s pretty matte and leaves you looking flawless. I find if you use a foundation too drying on the skin, you’ll only find your skin will end up looking more oily at the end of the day. 


Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation £34

This is possibly the best powder I have ever used! The coverage is incredible; you can use it for a light base on its own or put it on top of foundation for that final bit of coverage. It is honestly airbrush in a compact! Even though the product is not oil free, I never find I get oily when I use this. 

Setting spray 

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray £13.50

I always used to use the Urban decay de slick setting spray but still found I would need to blot my skin throughout the day. I then decided to try this when I found it on and have never looked back since. I rarely blot my skin now and this bottle has lasted me ages. Plus the variety of scents are amazing. I have the peach scented spray and it’s gorgeous! 

My Mac lipstick collection 

These are my Mac lipsticks I have purchased so far, all shown here without any lipliner (so please excuse the messy application!)


Satin / Light neutral nude


Glaze / Soft pale pink 

Politely Pink 

Lustre / Dirty pink

Creme Cup 

Cremesheen / Light blue pink 

Peach Blossom 

Cremesheen / Frosted cool nude 

(Definitely my favourite everyday colour)

Pink Plaid 

Matte / Dirty blue-pink 


Matte / Dirty blue pink 


Satin / Pink-beige with white pearl

Velvet Teddy

Matte / Deep tone beige 


Matte / Dirty Rose


Amplified creme / Loudmouth orange

Ruby Woo

Matte / Very matte vivid blue-red 

Up The Amp

Amplified creme / Lavender violet 


Matte / Bright Purple 


Satin / Intense blackish purple 

My biggest make-up pet peeves

I work in make-up, so I see my fair share of… interesting make-up. I totally understand that we all grow up and have bad make-up experiences along the way, but what I can’t stand is how heavy influential some of these Instagram/ YouTube techniques are becoming and how often I see people doing them. I always get asked by customers, ‘How do I contour?’ and when asking the customer what their concerns are/why they want to change the shape of their face, they have no idea. They just see it online and assume that’s what they should be doing. This is just one of many examples, but here are some of my most commonly seen make-up mistakes.

Dodgy fake lashes

Fake lashes are pretty long when you first buy them, so unless you’re blessed with beautiful big eyes, then chances are you’ll need to cut them before applying them. I see so many girls who wear thick fake lashes that are hanging off the edges of their eyes and obviously haven’t been cut to match their lash line. Make sure that you line up your lashes and know how much you need to take off, and cut them from the longer side of the fake lashes.


Using the wrong shade of concealer

I see a lot of girls using a super bright concealer under their eyes to brighten and make their cheekbones more pronounced. What a lot of people don’t seem to notice is that you still need to match it to your skin tone, not just pick the lightest colour you can find. The amount of times I’ve seen girls with more tanned tones using ashy white concealers under their eyes, which just makes them look more tired and makes the make-up look too obvious. Always go 1/2 shades lighter than your foundation colour and make sure it still blends seamlessly into your skin tone.


Over lining the lips 

When done correctly, over lining the lips can look so effective. But the key is to use a matte lip product. If you use a lipstick with any type of shine, this will emphasise the natural lip line and make the lip liner look way too obvious. 

The ‘Instagram’ brow

People are so heavily influenced by make-up they see on Instagram, but not everything you see looks so good without all of the filters. Firstly, eyebrow stencils are (in my opinion) a definite no go. Your brows are meant to frame your face and therefore are so personal to your features. Stencils won’t necessarily suit your natural shape. Secondly, stripey eyebrows, one line at the top and one at the bottom… What’s up with that?! Definitely something that should stay on instagram. 

The famous contour stripes

Unless you’re a drag queen, the whole point of contour is for it to look soft and make your face naturally look more structured. One dark line down each cheekbone really won’t do the trick. Less is definitely more in this case. 

Not using the correct skincare

If you neglect your skin, you will never have flawless looking make-up. Finding the right skincare will mean that you have a perfect base to put make-up on, even if your skin isn’t naturally perfect!

Make-up Dupes: Hoola VS Honolulu Bronzer

I love coming across make-up dupes to see how close they are to the product they’re trying to replicate, so when I found this bronzer online I immediately ordered it after reading such good reviews.

I bought W7’s ‘Honolulu’ Bronzer on Amazon for ¬£2.99 which I thought was ridiculously cheap, especially reading good reviews about it. Straight away, it struck me that this was a definite dupe of Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer which I use everyday, which is ¬£23.50 so I really wanted to see whether it was worth the large price difference.

I generally use Hoola Bronzer daily mainly to contour my face, and due to the fact it has no red or orange pigments and contains no shimmer, it suits my pale skin perfectly without any orange tones.

So here are the main comparisons between the two products.


image (13)

Both bronzers have the Hawaiian style packaging and name, although I generally prefer Hoola. Honolulu only contains 6g of product rather than Hoola with 8g. Honolulu comes with a detachable lid whereas Hoola’s is attached with a mirror. Both products come with a small brush.

image (14)


image (15)

The Honolulu bronzer definitely has more red tones to it and you really don’t need much of it as it comes out darker than Hoola. I feel that Hoola’s lack of orange and red pigments make it more natural looking on the skin and nicer to contour with, but for dark skin or people that like their bronzer slightly darker, then Honolulu can easily do the job.

Swatch Comparisons 

image (16)

Honolulu (Left) and Hoola (Right)

image (17)

On the skin, there really isn’t a huge difference. My main concerns were that Honolulu has more shimmer to it which wouldn’t be the best of things when it came to using it to contour. Then again, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Honolulu is one of the closest bronzers you will find!

Overall for my skin tone, I’ll be sticking to Hoola as it suits my skin well and is genuinely one of my favourite products. W7 do a range of lovely colour blushers alongside Honolulu which are cheap too, although I am yet to try them as I’m currently hooked on my Cheeky Sweet Spot tin from Benefit with so many lovely blush colours (plus Hoola!)

Why it’s time to say Goodbye to make-up wipes.

Make-up wipes could possibly be one of the worst things you’re doing to your skin.

I can admit that I’ve been using them for years, and then wondered why my skin was never perfect, even when I was wearing minimal make-up. When it started to get out of control, I went to Body Shop and converted to using cleanser, toner and moisturiser, and it was the best decision I had ever made! My skin cleared up super fast and I didn’t have to worry too much about what make-up I was wearing. So why are make-up wipes so bad?

They leave residue on your skin. 

When you’re wearing a full face of foundation, blusher etc, ever considered that one make-up wipe just isn’t enough? Try using another wipe after the first, and you’ll see how much make-up is left on your skin. All this will do is clog your pores and make your skin dry and irritable.

They’re full of chemicals

If you pick up a cheap packet of wipes for convenience, chances are they’re full of chemicals for a longer shelf life. Even if this isn’t one of your biggest concerns, it’s still not the best thing you want to be putting on your skin.

They can make acne worse

When using make-up wipes on acne, they spread bacteria as you use them, which means your pores will clog, which triggers more breakouts and makes the problem a lot worse.

They can speed up aging

All the wiping motion with the wipes can speed up ageing and make skin wrinkle and sag much faster (especially around the eye area). Definitely not a fan of being a wrinkly 20-something year old!

What can I use instead?

Cleansers and toners are perfect for a gentle way to remove your make-up and take care of your skin. Eye make-up remover is also perfect to target waterproof mascara and dark eye shadows. ¬†These are some of my personal favourites that will benefit your skin’s health.

Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser & Toner

seaweed seaweed2

Using this cleanser and toner will help your skin perfect the balance of oils in your skin, to prevent dryness or shiny skin. This is also perfect to unclog your pores and clear up any acne on your skin. Remember that it takes at least 28 days to renew your skin, so don’t expect any overnight miracles! Both ¬£8.50 each online or in store.

Simple Cleanser and Toner


I’ve just started using these as I was on a budget and wanted something for my sensitive skin. I’ve heard and read good reviews of these products, and as they are cheaper than other products ( I purchased mine for 3 for ¬£5 in ASDA) they are worth a try! They also do multiple¬†eye make-up removers¬†to easily remove any hard-to-budge make-up.